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Dru began writing and performing his own songs at 8 years old.  For his home church he later wrote songs for himself and sometimes the teen choirs. He usually accompanied himself by piano or  with a CD of prerecorded music in which Dru composed and played all of the instruments.  Dru performed every 3rd Sunday as a child to young adulthood. 

As a preteen he was chosen to act and sing the lead character (Solomon) in a children’s musical book-tape called “Solomon’s Great Adventure”, by Mike White. In the second series, Dru co-wrote 2 of the songs. 

In 2005, 2006, and 2007, Dru Hepkins won awards for VH1’s Songwriter of the Year Awards in 3 different categories.

Dru spearheaded a band called “The Phynks”, in which he was the band’s bass guitarist, song writer, and producer. The Phynks eventually disbanded amicably after the lead singer attained national exposure and as Dru found a niche in writing and production on various side projects.

Dru Hepkins wrote songs and performed the vocals for songs with legendary Grammy nominated house DJ, DJ Disciple and released various house songs through Blanco Y Negro, Catch 22, Nets Worth International, and Vendetta Records. Songs “When I Die” and “Red Light” are already underground favorites played in clubs all over the world. “Red Light” was one of Roger Sanchez’s “Hot Download Picks”. 

Dru Hepkins has continued to write and compose music with and for various labels, in several music genres from House music on down to what he coins “Urban Progressive Rock”. 

Dru Hepkins most consistently caters to a loyal underground following with an eclectic alternative sound. His music can be heard here: Dru Hepkins Music (Youtube)

Currently Dru writes songs and jingles for commercials and performs voice-overs and characters for video games and cartoons. He will also be releasing more albums independently.



Dru Newsday Collage

Dru Hepkins had his own very popular and controversial column in his college newspaper “The Wagnerian”. He never abandoned his call to writing later writing for True Magazine, MVRemix and becoming part of The NY Newsday Impulse Review Team.

Eventually Dru found a niche in blogging. He received 7 Editor’s Choice awards and had a very successful profile on Hubpages.com. Dru soon branched out and started his own independent vlog here at Dru Story News.

 Dru will be releasing 2 books by 2019. 


Sports History:

All Star Track

In high school and college Dru Hepkins was a soccer and track and field athlete in school, track being his much stronger sport in which he was an “Advance All Star”. Dru (Andrew) joined track very late in his Junior year of high school. Regardless, he ran 22 seconds for the 200 meters, broke 49 seconds for 400 meters and broke under 2 minutes for 800 meters in less than a year impressively becoming the Island’s fastest quarter miler meteorically.

Dru became locally known for his strength or ability to run back-to-back races with little recovery time, and for his potential when people learned how new to the sport he was. He finished his school years breaking several school records in both high school and college and was many times ranked the number 1 quarter-miler in the North Eastern Conference. Dru still holds many of those records to this day. Below are some high school on collegiate stats and records.


Outdoor: 200m – 22.80 400m – 49.40 (still the school record) 800m – 158.30 – 49.1 400m relay split


Staten Island Champs 200m 1st place, Staten Island Champs 400m 1st place, Staten Island Champs 600m (indoor) 1st place Monmouth Regional 800m 1st place, Eastern States Champs 400m 3rd place


Indoor: 400m – 48.98 (still the school record) 600m – 1:21.38 (still the school record)

Outdoor: 200m – 21.90 400m – 47.0 relay split (next fastest splits 47.3, 47.6)


Monmouth Invitational 400m 1st place (came in 1st 3 different years), Fordham Invitational 400m 1st place, Trenton State Invitational 400m 1st place, Third Annual New Jersey Invitational (indoor) 500m 1st place, MAC/USAir Christmas Festival (indoor) 400m 1st place, Wagner College Invitational 400m 1st place, Wagner College Invitational 200m 1st place, North Eastern Conference Champs 400m 2nd place (2nd in 2 different years), North Eastern Conference Champs 400m 3rd place (3rd in 2 different years).

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