The Challenges With “Waking Up” in A Sleeping World


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“Waking up” is the furthest thing from easy. I’m sure a lot of people have absolutely no idea what the concept of “waking up” is referring to, though many people in many circles do. In conscious community circles, “waking up” usually refers to the awakening to a deeper level of consciousness in which a person is growing, evolving and one’s eyes are opening to a greater state of awareness. Yes, this is a real thing that really happens. When a person is waking up, they are transitioning over to the realization that we are multi-dimensional beings living on a much lower vibration, and that there is more to life than what we’ve been institutionalized to accept. However, waking up is akin to babies opening their eyes for the first time; born crying, confused and in much need of comfort and guidance. And there is a very long and tumultuous road ahead.

The process of waking up comes with a lot of good including an increasingly powerful insight and perception, but it also comes with many difficult challenges and a world of bad. And unfortunately, much of the bad entails coexisting and fitting in with many of the people around you, most of whom are still asleep. It also entails a daily struggle of contending with many of the mechanisms trying to keep you asleep, living on a much lower vibration and possessing a decreased spiritual awareness. Unfortunately, waking up in a world still asleep can be tortuous.

Opening Your Eyes

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In one of my favorite movies, The Matrix, there is a famous scene that metaphorically captures the essence of waking up superbly. After protagonist, Neo, chooses the “red pill” and wants to discover what’s real, his consciousness wakes up to his real existence and he is terrified. This fictional depiction is not too far from the truth, emotionally speaking. Much of what you used to think goes out the window and now you understand things on a different, higher level. You’re no longer fooled by the things that used to fool you and the people around you, and your perception is at a much higher degree. However, the truth definitely requires an adjustment period.

My journey to consciousness was a long one. I’m definitely not quite there yet, and certainly not on the level of some who I have discovered and grown to admire, but I’m on my path nonetheless.

Fresh out of school, I was a writer and musician aggressively pursuing mostly music at the time, but I was plagued by these nagging feelings. The feelings kept getting stronger. At times I felt caught in a hamster wheel, and I was questioning everything I was doing and why. I was trying to follow “good advice” with my career choices. However, things got so impassioned that I even began to ponder why the conventional and cliché “good advice” was good advice at all. Something was not right with me simply going through the motions of things and doing what other people were doing. I was determined to fight through the walls of institutionalization and find my truth.

Very soon I became obsessed with studying and trying to learn everything about everything. I was even warned not to read into certain ideologies by people who meant well, for fear that it would affect me negatively, but I also had a lot of stubborn youthful fearlessness. I studied cults, mysticism, the laws of the universe and countless other taboo subject matter. I wanted to know it all. It came at a price.

It soon became almost like an addiction. I studied the truth about the world religions, their origins, Sumerian texts and their histories. I studied the truth about “real” world history and science. I eventually learned how to truly investigate and navigate through readily available information meant to deceive us and uncover the veiled truth. I read things I already knew and I studied things that I didn’t and blew my mind.

Growing spiritually, I realized that for so long, I really didn’t know much of anything at all. Almost everything laid before us is lies. It became clearer that from very early on our minds are trained for obedience and reception of information, not thinking.  I also learned many things about the capabilities we have as human beings that are remarkable. However, I also became aware of things that were absolutely frightening. I became afraid to see or hear things I was not prepared for. I was getting what I wanted, however my world was unraveling and I was changing. A deep depression was soon to follow.

I was no longer the same person. I used to be innocent, very fun-loving, playful and kind-hearted. I started to become more eccentric (than I already was), introverted and isolated. Awakening is a process. I was still kind to most people, but at times I would become short-tempered, rant-prone, cutting and impatient with people. When you grow intellectually and spiritually you will simultaneously find a lot of conversation trivial. You might become annoyed with people still stuck in deceptions. You might be annoyed with chatter about celebrities, clothes and people consumed with extremely insignificant things. And as you grow you might find that people will sometimes try to control or reduce your insight through conjecture. Many times people will frustrate you by thinking they need to illuminate you and redirect your ideologies, when it is they who may not know or understand what they don’t know or understand. Ironically the more you grow, the more people will find you odd. Very often people who think and reason like the majority will try to educate and illuminate people who are ahead of the curve. This happens A LOT, and it is an infuriating experience that you have to hold to yourself and just accept it as a given. Some people will even try to ridicule you or blow you off for knowing or saying things beyond their realm of knowledge. When you evolve, everyone around you is part of “the matrix”, so to speak, trying to discredit what you know and pull you back into the delusions.

The truth isn’t recognized, it makes people uncomfortable and many people subconsciously work against it. Consequently, I felt alone on my own planet. I escaped into partying and extremely reckless behavior. I was hiding and running. I clearly wasn’t the same person anymore.

Difficulties and Stages to Waking Up


What I didn’t know or understand at the time is that there are stages to the process of waking up. I was going through many, but I just didn’t realize it. With such heavy esoteric information, I was in my own sense of denial desperately trying to process all the information and still fit in to social norms. Only, I didn’t fit in and there is no going back.

I could no longer enjoy many of the things I used to enjoy. I couldn’t even sit through 20 minutes of television because I saw all of the institutionalization and brainwashing mechanisms at work that I didn’t see in the past. I saw the world, this dimension, for what it really was with all the evil and manipulation at work, and I felt alone and almost powerless to it. Luckily, that would eventually change.

The world we live in is referred to by many “conscious” communities as a prison planet, and this is somewhat true for a variety of reasons. The entities that control the world are our inferiors who wish to lower the collective vibration of society.

The “awake” person begins to see the world exactly how it is. The powers that be have captured the world and have most of us enslaved to a mundane capitalistic existence. Most of our news is edited deceptions. History, science and everything we know have been altered and limited to purposely keep us ignorant. They don’t truly educate us and we are never told the truth about who we really are or our true capabilities. Our television shows and mechanisms designed for our engagement are all designed to keep us distracted, shopping, working, in our cycles and concerned about things that do not really matter. Races are pitted against one another. Things are not structured for harmony or spiritual growth. History and current events are edited and controlled to deceive us, hide real history, promote racism, control us, and control what we think and what we believe. The list goes on and on. Many people already know all of this, but have been institutionalized to accept it, ignore it and do nothing. However, as more people are awakening and feeling called to a purpose, not all people will be able to do nothing for long.

Ironically, many people sit hoping for the world to change but do little to change it. Few people in the circles you grew up in will stand with you to work against the system in place even though the system is vile, corrupt, morally bankrupt and regressive. No one wants you to tell the truth when the lies are comfortable. We are programmed to avoid, ignore, blindly obey the constructs of power and money, and deny realities even though our instincts tell us much is wrong and a change must come.

The Right Perspective


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One may wonder why would anyone want to wake up and why is it so important to people who are “awake”? The answer to that is in the realization that we all have gifts, talents and assignments—and I have mine. Life is about discovering ourselves, what our calling is and fulfilling the reason we came here. If we don’t do this, we are merely existing and not fulfilling our true purpose and potential. And although I’m still figuring that out, I’m a lot closer to the source than I have ever been. And perhaps most importantly, most of the world’s problems that we contend with today would end the very second all of us were awake, aware and connected. Every conscious person knows that astronomically powerful truth in their heart, and tries to simply go about their day, one day at a time.

For those who already know exactly what I’m talking about, as well as those scratching their heads, the result is still the same. You don’t have to concern yourself too much with me or any individual if you don’t want to, but a message of truth is what it is. Messages of truth should never be fought against. With that said, none of us should remain locked into a perspective without challenging everything you know. We should broaden our horizons, read, educate ourselves and realize there is much more to life than simply existing. We should never be afraid or dismayed by the negative entities and the multiplicity of the things meant to deceive us, or keep us from our true potential and hold us back. Simply awakening and knowing that the power of your choices will forever change the direction and path you take moving forward, permanently. Opening your eyes to a greater awareness will allow you to know what’s really there, thus enabling you to really see where you need to go, and thus able to see and find what’s really your truth.

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  • Josh Wilson says:

    I’ve recently started upon this path, thanks to my fiancée, she’s very much into deep consciousness. And seeing as how she’s much freer, and therefore happier, I asked her about it when we started dating. It’s been a year and a half and I’m just now starting to get how she’s become the woman she is. I want to be “free” like her, and it is quite a shock to the mind. We’re so ingrained with what society expects of us. But if I can find myself and be as happy as she, then I’ll do what it takes. I know I have a long road ahead, but I believe it’ll be worth it in the end. And better late than never, correct?

  • Ruthie says:

    I identify greatly with much of what you’re describing here. I’ve faced similar challenges, and I’m wondering how you segued from the frustration with our world’s bombarding obsession with everything trivial, towards more internal peace?

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