How To Awaken Your Higher Consciousness

Whether you realize it or not, there is a new wave of consciousness sweeping into society. All over the world many people are “awakening” and realizing there is much more to life than what is institutionalized and presented before us. It’s becoming more conspicuous to people in various societal circles that a new era is emerging. Slowly but surely, a higher vibration of existence will come to fruition.

Many mental walls are crumbling and people are beginning to realize many things they never acknowledged before. Because of this shift in consciousness, things that used to succeed in imprisoning people’s minds aren’t as effective anymore. People are becoming bored and uninspired by the same spiritless music promoting dark energy, and the same pointless TV shows promoting superficiality. People are becoming more aware of the constant pull to operate on a lower vibration. People are becoming disinterested with how fake, controlled and scripted everything and everyone put before us is. People are becoming aware of their miseducation of history. People are becoming aware that ancient spiritual teachings have been blocked or changed and re-distributed with agendas. People are becoming aware that there is a confusion amidst and questions that need answering. The truth about who we really are is beginning to crack the surface of societal discourse. We are multi-dimensional beings who are enslaved. We’re being forced to live 3-dimensional lives in complete ignorance of our true identities and our true respective purposes in life.

Sure, some people are happy working regular jobs, buying a house, having kids, existing and talking about conventional things. Others are beginning to look around, outward and above. The untrained human eye is only able to see what it understands and a fraction of what is there. The human ear can only hear at certain frequencies. We are infinite beings and yes, there is more to life than what we see.

Of course there will always be people who view this as “crazy talk”. Some people may not be connected to the new wave of consciousness and there could be several reasons why. In many instances of mental conditioning, you will find that many people do not want to “wake up”. For others, it is a long time coming.

In order to tap into this new consciousness, there are several things that can be done to make it more feasible. It’s a liberation of the institutionalized mind. There are many things that we could do to open ourselves up to a higher vibration of existence. Below are a few steps one could take to become more awake and more alive.

Discipline Your Diet

What we put into our bodies is immensely important to our spiritual awareness. You might never hear this taught in churches, but it is extremely true nonetheless. What we eat is detrimental to our spiritual growth. We are never taught this in our educational facilities either, but what we choose to ingest and how we choose to live should be paramount on the priority list of education. However, don’t ever expect it to be.

At this very moment our bodies are under attack by what “the powers that be” allow to be called food, but isn’t. The powers that be know very well that a lot of the garbage that is deliberately put in food deadens our senses. Many of these chemicals even cause sicknesses and various ailments that they will never disclose to the public. In addition to that, they put fluoride in our water system and in popular products. They put mind-numbing chemicals in things they know will be popularly used or ingested. Fluoride for instance, attacks many things that enable the body and the mind to become more conscious. Fluoride collects in the pineal gland, accumulates, and affects brain function. As unethical as it is to put any drug or chemical in our water supply without a choice, even if it is for our well-being or not, the powers that be are the furthest thing from honest about why it is really there. They are also being dishonest and secretive about the many harmful effects that its prolonged ingestion may result in.

What many people don’t know may disturb many people in regards to why certain things are done by the real entities that run the world. I’ll simply lay out a few things one can do to shift things into a more positive direction for your mind, body and soul.

What You Should Do:

  • Avoid fluoridated water, toothpaste and fluoridated products.
  • Eat more raw, fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and water.
  • Avoid junk food, fast food, TV dinners, canned goods, and foods packed with preservatives and miscellaneous chemicals.
  • Implement exercise and physical activity into your life as much as possible.
  • Become educated consumers and read labels more diligently.

There are many uninformed and miseducated people that seem to take pride in eating bad food because they feel it represents their freedom. They are absolutely right. I’m not preaching and it is totally everyone’s prerogative to eat as they choose. However, if you want to live longer and be more able to achieve higher chakras, eating right could get you there faster. Eating bad foods low in nutritional value and loaded with harmful chemicals prevents the mind and body from being in its optimal state. None-the-less, the choice is yours.


Deprogramming Distraction (Music, TV, Facebook, Videogames etc.)

In order to reach a higher state of spiritual awareness, one might first need to understand and be aware of the many distractions that lay before us. Take any trip through any big city and observe travelers on a train ride. Everyone will most likely be hooked up to some electronic device fiddling around hardly even aware of the people they’re travelling next to. The mind and attention of our generation is compromised, diverted, and immensely simplified toward the mundane.

Our mental simplification is a part of a grand programming. Certainly not all, but many of the music artists, celebrities, moguls, and entertainers are affiliated with entities that encourage a collective dumbing down of society. Many of these artists promote sex, love of money, themselves, negativity, and never seem to add substance to social discourse. This isn’t by mistake. This is why we have so much economic disparity, war, and social issues un-discussed, but these artists grow older still talking about the same uninspired things in their music.

The entertainment industries are a huge part of our social stupification. People have socialized themselves to spend ridiculous amounts of time sitting before television sets. It is effortlessly done before and after work. It’s used to entertain and engage our children, and its literally turned on every chance we get.

Hugely popular shows that have come and gone like Jersey ShoreHere Comes Honey Boo BooBad Girls ClubMaury, and The Bill Cunningham Show to name a few, are all designed to be about absolutely nothing important, but are aimed to divert our attention and focus. Seeing young people of low intellect punch each other, excessively drink and fornicate, or idiotic fathers reluctant to take care of their children while disrespecting the mothers, and the exploitation of primarily uneducated people from low income areas is endorsed and positively promoted as entertainment. The more we watch and talk about these shows or “manufactured” celebrities, the further we are from things of significance or awareness of our true selves. Instead of being shown human beings in their enlightened state, we are constantly shown clowns in their lowest vibrational state.

Our news media plays its part by following these celebrities and people who live for nothing and they keep them relevant in our minds. They also omit and edit information for mass consumption. They promote fake disputes and events and help keep society from discussing what truly matters.

Facebook and other forms of social media have captivated people to the point of excessiveness. People are beginning to lose their awareness of when and how they are wasting their time. The psychological pull of grandstanding for “likes” or being entertained by others tap dancing for attention is changing the flow of our consciousness and day-to-day lives.

Facebook, cell phones and video game addictions, to name a few, keep us watching what friends are having for lunch or how the plot and graphics have improved in a game series instead of world issues, spiritual awareness and personal growth. Instead of realizing how these technologies and capabilities could be used to do amazing things and communicate, we instead feed our insatiable appetites for distraction and entertainment.

The mind has to be ready for spiritual awareness. There are many things to do to step out of our earthly delusions and distractions.

What You Should Do:

  • Question the shows you’re watching, how much time you invest watching them, and scrutinize what each one of them does for your life, mind and consciousness.
  • Limit Facebook, TV or video game time and keep it to a minimum. These things are useful and fine when monitored, but they should not be a huge part of your life and time.
  • Plan for quiet time and alone time.
  • Question your boredom. Before you choose to flip on the TV, surf around on Facebook or Twitter, or devote hours playing video games, think about how your “downtime” can be better spent.

Much of the world we live in is part of an illusion. Many of the things laid out before us are meant to ensnare us off of our life course and true purpose. In order to remain aware of our true calling, a connection with the God Consciousness, and with each other, we need to remain vigilant. It is important not to allow ourselves to become too mentally engrossed in things that drain our energy and simplify our minds on a regular basis.

Controlling Your Company

The following esoteric concept is probably unfamiliar to most and may confound many. There are many of us in society who operate on a lower vibration and are less able to connect to a higher spiritual awareness. People who fall into this category are not necessarily evil, but they operate on a lower vibration. They have less of a spiritual awareness, less of an ability to reach higher chakra energy levels and are more content with the superficial. Consequently, they pull people with individuated souls away from a higher consciousness. When it comes to spiritual enlightenment, it is extremely important to be mindful of the company you keep.

This ancient esoteric wisdom has been known for centuries, but much of it was destroyed and kept from people for several centuries. Religion and spiritual wisdom has been controlled, altered and rearranged to keep man from truly knowing himself and to keep man focused on an external God. When people are unaware of these truths, many might be unprepared in dealing with the world and dealing with others. If people knew that there are entities that drain your energy and keep you off the path of spiritual enlightenment, they would protect themselves better.

Many times when people are called to follow their dreams or are called to spirituality, there’s a feeling and fear that people may find you odd or crazy. These people are unwittingly “agents” who knowingly or unknowingly hold society back from asking the right questions and discovering who we really are. These are people on a lower vibration that may not understand spiritual things and may not have a strong spiritual awareness. These people downplay most things spiritual because it will never be real or possible to them. Consequently, conversation in the direction of spiritual realities are incessantly subverted by many. This can’t last for much longer. There is something more, and in order to discover who you are, you have to free yourself from the things or people that are enslaving your mind.

It’s important to know that many of us have a life purpose and there are many people out there that may not elevate your life. There are many people out there that could keep you talking about sports, TV shows, cars, clothes, celebrities, shopping and other insignificant things. You may not even realize it, but many people in your life, even spouses, could be holding you back from a greater spiritual awareness at this very moment. The company that you keep could be draining your energy and dragging you down both intellectually and spiritually.

What You Should Do

  • Don’t spend a lot of time with people who simplify your conversation toward superficial things.
  • Keep company with positive people who engage in substance-filled conversation.
  • Try to stay away from people who make you feel bad or bring you down, or bring others down.
  • Evaluate your relationships with people who either keep you in negative vices or who discourage things that uplift you or expand your mind.


Make Time for Meditation

People live their lives completely unaware of their true identities and capabilities. We have the ability to connect to higher, stronger chakra energy levels. We also have the ability to connect to The God Consciousness. One of the best ways to tap into a more awakened state is through meditation.

When people meditate we’re more able to unlock things about ourselves and our abilities. We only use a very small percentage of our brain. People have the ability to astral travel, reach different dimensions, use telepathy, identify past selves and the list goes on. Most importantly and simply stated, meditation can allow you to discover who you really are. Not knowing who you are and what your life plan is can lead to depression. Many people are depressed because of this but don’t understand that. You can have a stronger connection with the God Consciousness and you can be more grounded with a sense of peace. Meditation may seem strange, hippyish or new-agey for some at first, but like prayer many can find it extremely helpful and life-changing.

What You Should Do:

  • Take time each day, each week or however often to pray or meditate in silence.
  • Spend more time outdoors in nature.
  • Factor in quiet time alone on a regular basis.
  • Take the time to turn off your brain, relax, and decompress. Think of nothing, do nothing, be nothing.


Awakening To Who We Are

There is so much to know about who we are that I won’t simply explain it all here. It has to be an individual initiative explored at one’s own pace. Regardless, a new day is coming.

It’s important to know who you are and what you’re here for. There are many people who are evolving and others who are still of the world and not quite there yet. Wherever you fall, it’s okay. We can all still agree on many things collectively no matter where you are spiritually.

We can all agree on what bad foods are and how they can hurt your mind and body. When you avoid the legalized poisons you’re already on a more enlightened path. We can all also agree that there is more to life than many of the mundane things planted before us. Addictions and overzealousness to anything isn’t good in the long run. Conducting your life, profiles and interactions with people on social media isn’t exactly real. Following empty shows and celebrities simplifies you. We can all see that we can have higher standards for ourselves when it comes to what we devote our focus toward.

We live in interesting times. There are many things in existence that threaten to throw us off track. There is a fraudulent political system geared toward fulfilling the wishes of corporations and not the will of the people. There are celebrities thrown into the spotlight who are puppeteered by dark entities. There are entire industries devoted to dark agendas that serve very few. There are many traps for our minds and our energy. However, we need not fear anything. More people are learning to open their eyes and these institutions will crumble. People who we are brainwashed to revere will be exposed for what they really are in time. The best thing to do until then is to become conscious and awake.

As a new era emerges each of us can begin the path toward enlightenment by knowing our oppositions and following what we know to be true. Some have the gift of being stronger in spiritual awareness innately. However, all of us can become more awakened with a lifestyle that makes an awakening more conducive.

For many this topic may seem too far-fetched or esoteric, but if anything I posted intrigued you or is something you found useful, take what you can from this and run with it.

Russell Brand Speaks on Consciousness


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