What’s In Your Water | Think Before You Drink

   It’s amazing to watch people ramble and rant on Facebook all day about politics, sports, and absolutely nothing. But the disease producing, IQ lowering poisons in their food and … Continue Reading →

Music: You Can Do it Take Your Time Do It Right

 In addition to many things, I’m a voice-over actor and musician and I have lots of old material laying around. I was listening to old compositions of mine from back … Continue Reading →

The Return to Music for Passion (Not Just Pay)

  I went on a hiatus from music for a while only to discover yet again, that once a musician—ALWAYS a musician. There is no such thing as getting “too … Continue Reading →

The Challenges With “Waking Up” in A Sleeping World

 “Waking up” is the furthest thing from easy. I’m sure a lot of people have absolutely no idea what the concept of “waking up” is referring to, though many people … Continue Reading →

Why You Should Never Believe What You Hear on TV 

                There have been several prophetic statements throughout the years that keep warning us not to believe the things we see on television. … Continue Reading →

Evolution Is Not True

 Evolution Is A Lie Evolution is false. As I say that the psychological defenses are bubbling and people may be immediately thinking, “this guy is an idiot.” And the reason … Continue Reading →

When It’s Good to Piss People Off

  First and foremost it’s never good to annoy people just for the sake of being a nuisance or mean-spirited. To the best of our abilities we all should be … Continue Reading →

What They Don’t Tell You About “Swatting”

    When it comes to the new prank breakout called “swatting”, I’m extremely late to the conversation.  For those that don’t know already, swatting is when people, most usually gamers, … Continue Reading →

Thinking Like Spock

  How Thinking Like Spock Would Save The Justice System I’m a die-hard Star Wars and Star Trek nerd. Now, with that said and out of the way, it’d be nice … Continue Reading →

5 Cosby Accusers Already Caught in Lies and Counting

  Bill Cosby: Innocent Until Proven Guilty I released a blog about the Bill Cosby allegations called “Fat AL-legations and the Cosby Killers” some time ago that was not met … Continue Reading →