Why You Should Never Believe What You Hear on TV 

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What They Don’t Tell You About “Swatting”

    When it comes to the new prank breakout called “swatting”, I’m extremely late to the conversation.  For those that don’t know already, swatting is when people, most usually gamers, … Continue Reading →

The Consequences of Not Knowing Your Rights With The Police

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Police Quotas and the Real Reasons Eric Garner Died

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What’s Life For? : The Peripheries of Capitalism

  What’s our ultimate goal in life? To be gainfully employed, buy a nice home and car? And then what? To acquire all these things and incessantly worry about their … Continue Reading →

GOING “GREEN”: How Big Oil and The Auto Industry have a bit too long…

    People are becoming much more protective of the environment and many green movements have been initiated. However, Oil companies have been “going green” for much longer in another … Continue Reading →