5 Cosby Accusers Already Caught in Lies and Counting


Bill Cosby: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I released a blog about the Bill Cosby allegations called “Fat AL-legations and the Cosby Killers” some time ago that was not met with much support. The hits were extremely high, something you can never hide from bloggers as we can see the analytics regardless what people think of our content, but the likes and comments were extremely low. I feel it’s because very few people agreed with me. I also either didn’t hit the right audience, or perhaps I failed to articulate my perspective in the most convincing and effective way. Regardless, it seems we are helpless adherents to a culture of indoctrination and groupthink. I decided to revisit the topic. This time with a slightly different approach.

The good-hearted and rational are extremely outnumbered in this climate and you can see it everywhere. For example, during the SNL 40th Anniversary, Eddie Murphy was asked to play Bill Cosby as SNL wanted to spoof him spiking drinks, but Eddie refused. Eddie Murphy did not want to be a part of it and refused to kick a man when he was down. “Coon” Kenan however, was ready anda’ willin’ to get on up in his place. Ironically Kenan Thompson got a big break playing Bill Cosby’s iconic Fat Albert character and had the opportunity to work with Cosby some time ago. Still Thompson had no problem making fun of Cosby and felt no shame. Eddie is a much bigger star and evidently a bigger man. Astonishingly, news outlets and talk shows only reported how weird and subdued Eddie was and nothing else. They didn’t let you know what was going on. He opted out of performing that night. There was something on his mind and many critical thinkers.  

The first time I wrote about this I attempted to appeal to societal decorum and the law. A man is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but no one can control themselves enough to respect this and obviously that isn’t going to do it. Let’s just skip past all of the persuasive arts and cut to the chase toward the journalistic reporting: 5 of the Cosby accusers (and counting) have been caught in lies at this point and you probably will not see these women moving forward. Another 8 of these women had no business coming forth to begin with as their stories were nothing more than “he say, she say” nonsense that didn’t entail a crime committed. Let’s go.

Chloe Goins

chloe goins 2

Let’s start with the most conspicuous case of false reporting and deception. The latest and perhaps the most serious case was that of former exotic dancer Chloe Goins. Her case was the most serious because hers still fell within the statute of limitations. However, Chloe Goins totally goofed and her case fell flat. Goins, who has been arrested for prostitution,  picked a bad day and chose an event Cosby didn’t even attend. After she gave an elaborate story about how she was drugged and raped at this event by Cosby, it came to light that in the days before, after and during, Cosby was approximately 2500 miles away in another state.

Everything Chloe Goins alleged was impossible and did not happen. When Cosby’s lawyer presented this to the authorities, her lawyer released a statement about her memory due to trauma and she slithered away.  No one has condemned her and the media left it alone. 

Louisa Moritz


Another accuser with epic memory failure is Louisa Moritz.  Moritz gave a story that Cosby inserted his member into her mouth in a dressing room at the “Tonight Show” in 1971. No struggle or resistance; I suppose she was caught off guard and just said “Welp—oh well.” Anyway, Moritz claimed Cosby did this on the night they appeared on the same show. However, when they included Moritz in the list of accusers either no one did their research or they overlooked a huge problem that came out later—Cosby and Moritz never appeared on the same night of the “Tonight Show” in 1971. After the internet database was checked and this was brought to her attention, she claimed that there were things she doesn’t recall and things she may have forgotten and she escaped without explaining the huge problem with her tale. She also said, “I thought that was the year…” Translation: she lied. She too was left alone since. 

P. F. Masten


The next is former Playboy Playmate P.F. Masten. This one is very interesting, indeed. Most people may not remember her but this isn’t her first rodeo. Remember Marv Albert? Back when Marv was having his bout of legal trouble Masten (then referred to as Patricia Masten) came forth and said that he raped her too. There are striking similarities between both cases. Marv Albert was in hot water for allegedly raping and biting a woman. Masten joined the Gloria Allred led lawsuit and claimed Marv Albert raped and bit her too just like the other woman. Albert and his lawyer called her claims a completely fabricated lie. Needless to say her case fell flat. Now with Cosby she wasn’t raped and bitten. This time she is claiming she was drugged and raped just like the other women in this lawsuit—ALSO LED BY GLORIA ALLRED. Does no one find this weird? Poor thing. Everybody rapes P.F. Masten. She just gets raped left and right by rich celebrities with details just like the other “victims”—and Gloria Allred comes to the rescue every time…. 

Janice Dickinson


The next is Janice Dickinson which is really no surprise to anyone.  She typically uses celebrity names to embellish her stories and books, and Dickinson simply revamped an old Cosby tale to jump on the Cosby rape bandwagon. She takes out and adds details to stories like a Hollywood script writer.  

She conjured an initial version of her Cosby story that involved her possibly singing. People trained in the art of bullshit discerned that Dickinson has a pattern. She augments stories and changes them based on what works to gain traction. Dickinson’s old story was that Cosby blew her off after dinner because she wouldn’t sleep with him. In fact, she’s told this story many times. Her new story is that Cosby did not blow her off, the two peas in a pod instead hit it off famously and partied on up to his hotel room. In the hotel room Cosby mysteriously handed her “a pill”, exactly like all of the other women getting press, and for unknown reasons she just swallowed it. And just like that, something never uttered before in her life of celebrities, modelling and showbiz, had instantly become a major solitary event in her life that the poor soul never told anyone. Janice Dickinson was raped by Bill Cosby—who knew? There is absolutely no one who was told about this, because it didn’t happen. Even her old manager warned the public not to believe her drivel. Dickinson will say anything to get attention and stay relevant, even accusing a man of rape.  

Important Side Note: Dickinson filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and has reportedly been trying to earn money filing lawsuits including one against Rite Aid.


Beverly Johnson


Beverly Johnson’s narrative is a perfect example of just how brain dead sheeple are. People remember absolutely nothing and cannot connect dots to save their lives. Allow me to refresh. Beverly Johnson was once an item with actor Chris Noth, better known as Sex in the City’s “Mr. Big”. The two broke up and Johnson owed Noth a considerable amount of money. The witch then launched rumors and threatened action against Noth for domestic abuse that Noth and people who knew him vehemently denied. Most feel that it was strategically done to avoid her financial obligation and it worked. Has-been actors and models way past their heydays with money issues can never be trusted. So let me repeat that, it is believed she was exposing things about Noth that weren’t true for money. Beverley Johnson also slandered ex boy friend Mark Burk with false allegations. She falsified pictures and documents and Mark Burk tried to warn the courts of Johnson’s mental health instability. Mark Burk possessed medical evidence that Johnson was someone of psychological concern. I’ll provide the links below.  

Now Johnson is back in black and of course not for a movie role or talent-based initiatives. Johnson has invented a Cosby story for Vanity Fair suspiciously at the height of all the media attention against Cosby. Johnson had a brunch with Cosby that his wife Camille attended, and she even put Cosby on a short list of people to call back with her manager after the brunch. She even met with her manager after the brunch to discuss how well it went. Only recently and after all these years, did this amazing tale of being drugged get implemented. Regardless, Johnson has retold her Cosby story each time with slightly different details, and some people are just beginning to catch on. Her written story and TV appearance versions don’t match up. There are also elements to her story that are theoretically impossible. For instance, she stated clearly and emphatically that the the second she sipped her drink she knew she’d been drugged. Only thing is no known drugs would hit anyone instantly in a drink. It would take at least a half hour. Date rape drugs take a while to work which is why victims are stalked and watched. They don’t hit anyone after a sip. Her own former manager, Hollywood veteran Don Gibble, has even come out to say she is lying. Most people, however, are blissfully none the wiser about her and are now looking at YouTube kitten vine videos.  



Chelan Lasha


Chelan Lasha is another former model wheeled in off the streets to accuse Bill Cosby of rape. Here’s one thing the media never told you, Lasha is a drug abusing prostitute with a criminal history of lies, violence and unlawful activity. Lasha is a criminal who was arrested and charged at varying times for theft, false reporting, assault and prostitution. Gloria Allred cleaned this woman up and paraded her around on TV to cry as people pitied her. We’re taught to ignore very important things and to believe women no matter what because she still could’ve been raped and drugged. I suppose that is true.  However, when the person also has no facts, a consistent story or evidence to support the claims we have no other option but to evaluate who the person is. What you get is a deceitful, desperate, money-hungry woman of the night with a history of schemes and lying to the authorities. A man who made a career of instilling family values to a generation gets brought down by the likes of this vile monstrosity. And this is the world we live in.  

Same Thing Happened to Actor William Roache


A popular counter-argument has been, “all of the women can’t be lying.” Well, all of the women were in fact lying in the cases of William Roache. Extremely similar to Cosby, Octogenarian British actor William Roache was accused of rape by multiple women who claimed he raped them decades ago. The same strategy used against Cosby was used in this case. Women who make claims over 30 years old ride the “benefit of the doubt” wave knowing that so much time has passed that the details are expected to be foggy, also making it very difficult to prove or disprove. When a case can’t be proven and the statute of limitations is over, “dog piling” with other accusers wins the benefit of the doubt in the court of public opinion. Consequently if a rich man or celebrity is guilty or innocent it doesn’t matter; he still could end up paying settlements. Regardless however, it turns out the claims were proven impossible, they all lied and Roache was acquitted of all charges. When held to the fire, the scrambling accusers each began to change dates, years, places and details around exposing their deception. Each of the women who filed these false reports are still protected with anonymity and face no consequence. Interesting. Take a look.


 Awakening Your Mind


I left several women out because as you can see, the point has been made already. One could go down the list one-by-one and do this to most of them. If any of the accusers were truly raped something still could have be done about it. However, mob justice that sweeps the lairs and scoundrels into the pitied victim line up is not the way to achieve anything. There was plenty of evidence suggesting that perhaps these were women, many of them with checkered pasts, that should not have been given the benefit of the doubt so readily.  Not because of insensitivity to women and rape, but for the high probability the claims were not truthful due to many unpublicized inconsistencies, contradictions, patterns and blaring red flags. Regardless, we are socially seduced into a different mindset. We are indoctrinated to believe that we should never question women who accuse men of rape, no matter what. If we do we are ostracized for being pro rape, misogynistic and we are labelled “rape apologists”. And because there were so many losers — excuse me — accusers, the allegations had to be true according to common logic. How unfathomably irresponsible and dangerous can things get. 

Even though Cosby’s friends and former cast mates and people who knew him personally for years came to his defense suggesting the allegations weren’t true, the media attacked them and questioned their motives instead. Phylicia Rashād and other cast mates and celebrity friends were scorched in the satanic media for defending Bill Cosby. People who actually knew him and worked with him for years who had a better insight as to what may have happened were relegated to silence by the stupid mob. We were served the news how the powers that be wanted you to receive it, and without any objective critical thinking whatsoever we ruined a man’s life.  

So here we are. I posted a blog some time ago saying that we should at least be objective with these Cosby accusers, and it only received a handful of comments and likes. I’ve grown used to not being agreed with the more I write from an honest and objective truth seeking stance as opposed to a crowd-pleasing, “like” hunting stance. In a weird way it’s a badge of honor in these times. To borrow a quote from Mark Twain, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” To make it even more clear that the sentiments of the blog was not popular, a friend who normally gets several likes posted my blog on her page and it didn’t receive one solitary like on her page either. Again, I know lots of people clicked on to it, but no one “liked” it or gave a comment. It was either because hardly anyone agreed, or people have no spines and were afraid to show their agreement. Regardless, as sure as the world is still round, the truth will still remain true no matter what people are indoctrinated with.  And the more sensationalism trumps reason, the truth is getting harder and harder to recognize. 

Why Bother? : Putting it all into Perspective

Putting it all into perspective, this isn’t about me being right or wrong. This is about a man’s life. It’s about our justice system and the fact that a man is innocent until proven guilty. It’s about the games people fall for every time. Here is the truth they never explain to people: In the world of Hollywood politics and anywhere where money and power is concentrated, many things are strategically done with an end game in mind. Also, people lie about rape and domestic abuse every single day in every US city. We only get sold on one narrative so everyone believes it’s overwhelmingly one-sided. Nowadays, merely questioning unproven, evidence-less allegations have become a transgression due to overly ambitious groups and irrational people who cannot see past their own perspective or experiences. It’s scary. People will not budge on this issue or consider any other possibility no matter which bag of fiery logic-filled rocks you slap them across the face with. The media indoctrination and societal “groupthink” institutionalization is too deep. People feel they are doing right by rape victims everywhere when they aren’t. Not like this.

I came back to this issue again not because it’s still relevant and in the news because it isn’t—but this isn’t a “scoop” for me. This has everything to do with principle and a lesson still needs to be learned.  I said it then and I’ll say it again, and no I don’t care what anyone thinks; every single person on this planet who opened up their mouth ranting against Cosby so prematurely based on the media puppet show—was wrong.

People need to start realizing the world isn’t black or white. People need to stop offering their minds over to tabloid culture. People are raped, abused and exploited every day. People also lie, cheat, con and steal every day too. We’re in a matrix governed by money. You cannot always believe what you’re told and not all of us are on the same vibration. On all sides of the spectrum there is an unseen power structure of feuding energies between good and evil. Some of us are motivated with good intentions, and some of us are motivated with greedy, evil or self-serving intentions. And people motivated by good or by evil come in all forms; men, women, black, white, cop, civilian, homosexual or heterosexual.  Most people have absolutely no idea what they don’t know or what other people are capable of. This is why con artists are successful. They know most people fly off with their emotions and do not use logic. All too often people draw conclusions based on their “team affiliation” and not logic, reason and truth. And if people have experienced something traumatic like rape, someone else alleging a similar story will be believed and supported just like that. Some people are counting on it.  

Yes rape is serious, and yes it happens all the time, and yes it should be taken very seriously with aggressive action. And yes the subject hasn’t always been dealt with in the best way. However, crowd-shaming people for old and baseless allegations with no evidence outside of court is not the way to deal with it. Many people defending these women mean well, but now its time to expose who and what they are defending and its time to be rational. Concerning the feuding energy of good and evil, there is karmic reward and punishment for each. For that reason many people mean to be on the side of good. I believe many people’s intentions are good and that most people want to do the right thing. However, it’s high time people start analyzing the many forms of victimization and what “right” actually is. 

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